Our Customer Guarantee

For Years and counting, All American Sports has provided Premier Sports baseball & softball products in the United States which are used by every level of baseball and softball, from little league to the big leagues. We believe in our products and have one of the best warranty policies in our industry. It is able to meet the rigorous demands of and the standards of various customer segments - from individuals to the Big leagues, to college and high school teams, and everyone in between.

Each product off our site comes with a 30 money back guarantee and a manufacturer’s warranty. The Wheeler Dealer Soft Toss Machine comes with a 5 year Warranty and 2 years on the battery. The manufacturer warranty covers defective parts and material. It does not cover negligence, dents on metal sections caused by bats, or normal wear and tear consistent with a training aid product that we hope is used often.

Beyond the 30 day defect policy, Our Customer Guarantee encourages any customer at any time to contact us with any issue regarding their any product they may have purchased from our website. We answer all inbound communication - whether it's through email, by phone or on social sites, and we guarantee to make right any customer service issues appropriately. You can Also go our Faqs page to get more details on our return and refund policy .

Our Goal is to provide quality and effective products with World Class Customer service.