The Zip Net

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The innovative Net is simple to use and makes the perfect 1 person training station. Just set it up in your garage and hit away with the aid of a batting tee or Wheeler dealer soft toss machine

 The net is 10' long by 8½' high and made of durable #30 strength nylon. It's guaranteed to withstand everyday use for at least 3 years! It takes less than 1 minutes to set up the Zip Net in a garage.

What’s Included:

  • Includes all hardware you need to install the Zip Net.
  • Comes with 25' of wire, which is enough to span the typical 24' two car garage. The wire is already threaded through the Zip Net's sliding mechanism.
  • 10' W x 8½' H - # 30 Nylon net
  • Instructions Manuel         
  • 1 year guarantee.


      Quick installation set up: takes 2 people just 15-20 minutes 

Turn a garage into a practice space Net quickly slides away when not in use.                          

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